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This set of Management Accounting Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Management Accounting Set 12

Q1 | Coverage of fixed assets by shareholder’s equity is a good tests of----------------
Q2 | Net worth refers to owner’s--------------------------
Q3 | Ratio to assess the short term debt paying capacity of a firm is----------
Q4 | The ratio which is used to ascertain the soundness of the long term financial position is------------
Q5 | If the current assets and working capital of a company are rs.80,000 and rs.50000 then current liability will be-------------
Q6 | The ratio which is a good indicator to maintain the correct selling price and efficiency of trading activity is------
Q7 | Return on investment is a----------------
Q8 | Debtors turnover ratio also known as----------
Q9 | The operating profit and net sale of a firm are rs.2,00,000 and rs.10,00,000 respectively then operating ratio will be
Q10 | The ratio which indicates how quickly debtors are converted into cash is---------
Q11 | Net capital employed is equal to ---------------
Q12 | Ratio of net profit before interest and tax to sales is------------------------------
Q13 | Lower stock turnover ratio indicates-------------------------------
Q14 | Collection of book debts-----
Q15 | Debt equity ratio is a--------------------------------------
Q16 | Market price per share divided by earnings per share is-------
Q17 | Solvency ratio indicates-----------------
Q18 | Current ratio shows-----
Q19 | Current ratio is 4:1, the amount of current liabilities is Rs.12000 the amount of working capital is-----
Q20 | Stock turnover ratio is used to determine -----------------------of an enterprise
Q21 | Working capital is expressed as------
Q22 | Dividend yield is an example for------ratio
Q23 | Debtors turnover ratio is used to calculate------
Q24 | Rol measures-----
Q25 | Debtors turnover ratio measures----------