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This set of Management Accounting Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Management Accounting Set 10

Q1 | #NAME?
Q2 | Disclose accounting information
Q3 | Afford full diagnosis of the profitability and financial position
Q4 | Study of the trend of the same items of two or more balance sheets
Q5 | Expressed as a percentage of each asset to total
Q6 | Ratios of different items for various periods are calculated and compared
Q7 | Yard stick which measures relationship between two variables
Q8 | The ratio which depicts the relationship between two items, one of which is drawn from the Balance Sheet and the other from the revenue account
Q9 | The ratio of liquid asset to current liabilities
Q10 | Equity includes --------------
Q11 | The ratio which shows the relationship b/w share holder’s fund and total assets
Q12 | Long term solvency of a firm can be measured by
Q13 | The ratio that shows the relationship between fixed asset to share holders fund
Q14 | The index of efficiency and profitability of the business
Q15 | The ratio that includes whether investment in inventory is efficiently used or not
Q16 | Comparison and interpretation of ratio is known as ---------------------
Q17 | Powerful tool for analyzing financial statement is ----------
Q18 | The relationship between two amount or variables is measured with the help of ------------
Q19 | The main aim of the ratio analysis is to help the ----------of the firm
Q20 | Ratios help the management in evolving market strategies through -----------
Q21 | Ratios may be used as a measure of -------------
Q22 | An example of Balance Sheet ratio is ---------------
Q23 | Income statement ratios are also called -----------
Q24 | Leverage ratios are also known as -------------- ratios
Q25 | The ratios that shows the capacity of the business unit to meet its short term obligation out of its short term resources is known as --------------