Entrepreneurship And Project Management Set 4

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This set of Entrepreneurship and Project Management Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Entrepreneurship And Project Management Set 4

Q1 | .Assistance from IFCI is available for____________.
Q2 | SIDBI stands for ____________.
Q3 | SIDBI was set up in the year____________.
Q4 | SIDBI was set up as a subsidiary of____________.
Q5 | .Which of the following is a function of SIDBI?
Q6 | .SFC was set up under __________.
Q7 | .Financial resources of SFCs consist of _____________.
Q8 | SFCs assistance to technically qualified people without enough funds is known as_______________.
Q9 | SFC is prohibited from granting financial assistance to any company whose aggregatepaid up capital exceed_____________.
Q10 | The loans given by SFCs are usually for a period upto ____________.
Q11 | A concessional rate of interest is charged by SFC in case of_____________.
Q12 | SIDC was set up under the_____________.
Q13 | The financial resources of SIDC consist of ___________.
Q14 | SIPCOT stands for _______________.
Q15 | The process each manager follows during the life of a project is known as______________.
Q16 | SIPCOT is a ____________.
Q17 | Expand NSTC ____________.
Q18 | _________has been recognized as the nodal agency to support the small scale industryexport promotion.
Q19 | The term ____________denotes bonus or financial aid which is given by a government toan industry to help it compete with another unit in a nation or in a foreign market.
Q20 | It becomes necessary to do ____________after a project idea has withstood the tests offeasibility analysis and network analysis.
Q21 | ________________ is designed to overcome this fundamental weakness in therelationship between lending agency and the project sponsoring body.
Q22 | TIIC stands for _____________.
Q23 | TIIC is sponsored by the ____________.
Q24 | __________ is the first state level financial institution in the country.