Entrepreneurship And Project Management Set 3

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This set of Entrepreneurship and Project Management Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Entrepreneurship And Project Management Set 3

Q1 | _______________ is concerned with the collection, compilation and analysis of economicdata for the eventual purpose of locating possible opportunities for investment.
Q2 | Every project has ____________ basic dimensions.
Q3 | What are the the 3 basic dimensions of a project?
Q4 | _____________ is an important element in the project planning cycle.
Q5 | _____________ are economical and social in nature.
Q6 | _________________ is the first phase in project life cycle.
Q7 | ____________ phase in the project life cycle begin after the investment decision is taken.
Q8 | .The asset created during the construction phase are utilised during the _____________
Q9 | There are ___________ stages in project life cycle.
Q10 | _____________ is the systematic development of a project idea for the eventual objectiveof arriving an investment decision.
Q11 | ____________ analysis is primarily concerned with the identification of the project demand potential and the selection of the optimal technology suitable for achieving the project objectives.
Q12 | ___________ is the heart of a project.
Q13 | The purpose of financial analysis is to determine __________ of the project.
Q14 | The inter-relationship between various contituent activities of a project is generallydepicted in the form of ____________.
Q15 | _____________ is an investigating process which precedes investment decision.
Q16 | Project formulation and its implementation are the two essential functions of____________.
Q17 | Expand CPM.
Q18 | _____________ is primarily a scheduling technique.
Q19 | Where individual skills are collectively integrated into a group, this is known as_____________.
Q20 | Which of the following government actions could contribute to a more entrepreneurialsociety?
Q21 | .Which of the following is alternatively called corporate venturing?
Q22 | SFC stands for____________.
Q23 | Which one of the following is the next stage to the Concept Stage of Product Planningand Development Process?
Q24 | .IFCI was established in the year___________.
Q25 | IFCI provides____________.