Business Ethics And Corporate Social Responsibility Becsr Set 9

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This set of Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (BECSR) Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Business Ethics And Corporate Social Responsibility Becsr Set 9

Q1 | Set of ideas that constitute one’s goals, expectations and actions is known as:
Q2 | Theory of moral development was developed by:
Q3 | Ethics is:
Q4 | The moral principles, standards of behaviour, or set of values that guide a person’s actions in the workplace is called
Q5 | Codes of conduct and codes of ethics:
Q6 | Who are organizational stakeholders?
Q7 | Which of the following alone can ensure effective ethics programme in a business enterprise?
Q8 | The __ management function involves identifying & arranging the work and resources needed to achieve the goals that have been set.
Q9 | Measuring actual performance is the __________________ steps involved in the process of controlling.
Q10 | ____________ are those individuals who raise ethical concerns or issues to others inside or outside the organisation.
Q11 | Information is
Q12 | Data by itself is not useful unless
Q13 | Tactical information is needed for
Q14 | Operational information is required by
Q15 | Why might workers not want to share their knowledge?
Q16 | According to Horowitz et al. what is the main reason for knowledge worker turn-over?
Q17 | What is meant by a 'codification approach' to knowledge management activities?
Q18 | Which factors contribute to the distinctiveness of knowledge workers?
Q19 | The terms “knowledge work” and “knowledge worker” first time coined by Professor Peter Drucker in________.
Q20 | Knowledge is always a part of a _________________ system.
Q21 | If learning insight and judgment abilities are merged together with knowledge in a person, the person has _________________.
Q22 | Knowledge includes all of the following except:
Q23 | Which of the following is an intangible resource?
Q24 | Stress management is about learning:
Q25 | Which of the following statements is true about stress management: