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This set of Social Stratification Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Social Stratification Set 1

Q1 | ________ is large set of people regarded by themselves or others as sharing similar status withregard to wealth, power and prestige.
Q2 | The type of communalism characterized by a high degree of sharing and minimal socialinequality.
Q3 | The system which involves great social inequality and the ownership of some persons byothers.
Q4 | The system in which an individual is permanently assigned to a status based on his or herparents' status is called.
Q5 | This stratification system is more open.
Q6 | The kind of stratification system which is more closed.
Q7 | In________ societies the survival of the group is paramount and people will share theirresources to ensure that the group survives.
Q8 | _________ is called the movement of a person from one status to another, either betweengenerations or within a person's adult career.
Q9 | _______ is called the mobility brought about by changes in the stratification hierarchy forinstance as society becomes more technologically advanced.
Q10 | Who said that in all stratified societies there are two major social groups: a ruling class and asubject class.
Q11 | According to _________Kingsley Davis and________ Moore stratification exists in everyknown human society.
Q12 | Who defined slave as a man whom law and custom regard as the property of another.
Q13 | It is the extreme form of inequality in which some individuals are owned by others as theirproperty.
Q14 | According to the basis of slavery is always economic because with it emerged a kind ofaristocracy which lived upon slave labour.
Q15 | The system which is synonymous with Feudalism is called.
Q16 | The system in which clergy, nobility and commoners functioned like three political groups.
Q17 | The type of social system which is closely connected with the Hindu philosophy and religion,custom and tradition .It is believed to have had a divine origin and sanction.
Q18 | The term caste is derived from the _____word, caste meaning breed or lineage..
Q19 | The caste stratification of the Indian society had its origin in the _______ system.
Q20 | According to ___and____ when status is wholly predetermined so that men are born to theirlot without any hope of changing it, then the class takes the extreme form of caste.
Q21 | According to Hindu caste system which is the major upper caste.
Q22 | According to _____the chief criteria of domination of a caste are Economic strength,Politicalpower,Ritual purity and numerical strength.
Q23 | According to Hindu caste system which caste is the lowest in the caste hierarchy.
Q24 | According to Hindu caste system how many varnas there as part social stratification.
Q25 | According to______ a more complex division of labour made the class more heterogeneous.