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This set of Social Research Methods Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Social Research Methods Set 6

Q1 | Information collected by the researcher for the purposes of the projectimmediately.
Q2 | It is the collection of data concerning the living and working conditionalsof the people in a given community
Q3 | It takes place with persons known to have been involved in particularconcrete situations.
Q4 | It is a verbal method of securing data in the field surveys.
Q5 | ________ implies a smaller representation of a larger whole.
Q6 | ________ as the conceptual structure with in which the research isconducted.
Q7 | A concept which can take on different quantitative values is called a _________.
Q8 | _________ method in the application of valid and reliable research methods.
Q9 | ________ is a organised enquiry
Q10 | A set of systematically related propositions specifying causal relationshipsamong variables.
Q11 | __________ means basing conclusions on facts without any bias and valuejudgement.
Q12 | Rorschach test comes under __________ projective techniques.