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This set of Social Research Methods Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Social Research Methods Set 5

Q1 | __________ indicates a plan of action to be carried out in connection with aproposed research work.
Q2 | __________ study which wants to determine the frequency of occurrence ofan event of its association with something.
Q3 | This is an intensive and searching interview aiming at studying therespondent’s opinion, emotions or convictions on the habits of an interviewguide.
Q4 | _________ as a method of collecting primary data in which a number ofindividuals with a common interest interact with each other.
Q5 | __________ involve presentation of ambiguous stimuli to the respondentsfor interpretation.
Q6 | ___________ leaves as a suggestive reference or prompter during interview.
Q7 | A __________question can be answered in one of the two responses
Q8 | __________ are those which are collected fresh and are original in character
Q9 | _________ observation, the observer have been old specifically what is to beobserved
Q10 | it enable the researcher to relate logically known facts to intelligentguesses about unknown conditions.
Q11 | It enables the researcher to acquaint himself with current knowledge inthe field in which he is going to conduct his research.
Q12 | The _________ type of questionnaire calls for a free response in therespondent’s own words.
Q13 | _________ refers to a scale with a set of points which describes varyingdegrees of the dimensions of an attribute observed.
Q14 | A ________ refers to any collection of specified group of human beings
Q15 | _________ data are verbal or other symbolic materials
Q16 | _________ is directed towards the solution of a problem.
Q17 | _________ research is directed towards the solution of immediate, specificand practical problem.
Q18 | Control is the essential ingredient of _________ method.
Q19 | _________ method can be applied only where a high degree of precision isnot necessary.
Q20 | A meeting of persons face to face especially for the purpose of formalconference on some point.
Q21 | Information that is represented usually as words, not numbers.
Q22 | __________ research focuses primarly on the meaning of subjectiveattributes of individuals or groups.
Q23 | It is a quantity that expresses a quantity in numbers to allow in numbersto allow more praise measurement.
Q24 | _________ are the most complete type of survey.
Q25 | A proposition which can be put to test to determine validity.