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This set of Methodology and Perspectives of Social Sciences Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Methodology And Perspectives Of Social Sciences Set 9

Q1 | Which of the following is a complex household?
Q2 | Research in Social Sciences can unfold and identify the causes of
Q3 | Systematic research can give us the required data base for planning and
Q4 | A systematized body of knowledge will properly helps us to implement
Q5 | Which of the following is a complex household?
Q6 | Who said that property is the root of all evil which brought about war,conflict, and misery
Q7 | Which of the following is a simple household?
Q8 | Enlightenment was to a large extent based on
Q9 | The _________ approach was influenced by Marxist tradition
Q10 | Who tells about Universal law and Natural Law?
Q11 | The ______ family is defined as consisting of a man, his wife and unmarriedchildren.
Q12 | Which of the following is a complex household?
Q13 | Which would facilitate reliable and valid study of human behavior andsocial life
Q14 | To clarify the doubtful and correct the misconceived facts of social life wedepend up on the study of
Q15 | _____ approach concentrates on change as a transition from simple tocomplex
Q16 | The concept of dominant caste was introduced by________.
Q17 | Verification of knowledge of human behavior and social life is happeningthrough
Q18 | The conflict between religious learning and beliefs and rationality learningand beliefs is the basic characteristic of
Q19 | Research strengthens our
Q20 | A discipline-specific study of social problem from an angle cannot give a
Q21 | Whose suggestion was that the social order was made by human beings andtherefore could be changed by human beings
Q22 | The book ‘Ethics and Politics’ was written by
Q23 | The main function of research is
Q24 | Who said this-In reality there are no economic, sociological orpsychological problems, but only simple problems, and they are complex also
Q25 | Locke believed that human beings were originally