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This set of Methodology and Perspectives of Social Sciences Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Methodology And Perspectives Of Social Sciences Set 6

Q1 | To what domain did Rawls direct his views of justice?
Q2 | Which one of the political thinker made valuable contribution to the growth of Scholasticismduring the medieval times?
Q3 | Which of these is a defining characteristic of democracy ?
Q4 | Direct democracy is the system in which:
Q5 | In John Rawls’s theory, principles of justice are established by people who are affected by what?
Q6 | Who said the liberty consists in following the moral law
Q7 | According to individualists the people have maximum liberty if
Q8 | Liberty in positive sense means
Q9 | Who of the following was the chief exponent of natural liberty
Q10 | Which of the following does not fall within the purview of the political liberty?
Q11 | The view that every state law enlarges individual freedom is associated with
Q12 | Civil liberty stands for
Q13 | In their essence rights are:
Q14 | The concept of liberty has developed mainly in modern times and is closely associated with thephilosophy of:
Q15 | Democracy as an ideal can be achieved through:
Q16 | Democracy in its narrow sense means
Q17 | The nearest approach that one finds to direct democracy in some modern states in the form of
Q18 | The subject that deals with man in relation to the State and Government is called
Q19 | Who defines Political Science as that part of social science which treats the foundations of the Stateand the principles of Government?
Q20 | Which of the following statement is true?
Q21 | _________is the earliest theory of rights
Q22 | Which of the following is a Civil Right?
Q23 | The right to elect Member of parliament is a
Q24 | Who among the following philosophers considers liberty as Obedience to Law?
Q25 | Natural liberty is generally identified with