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This set of Methodology and Perspectives of Social Sciences Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Methodology And Perspectives Of Social Sciences Set 4

Q1 | The term sociology was derived from Greek term logos and _____ word socius meaning ‘companion’or ‘society’
Q2 | _____ is central to the procedures of scientific method
Q3 | _____ affect the objectivity of the study
Q4 | The word Psychology comes from the ancient Greek psyche which means _____
Q5 | Positivism is advocated by _____
Q6 | ______ is commonly used as an umbrella term to refer to a plurality of fields
Q7 | Which one of the following has been wrongly listed as the basis of behaviouralism moment by DavidEaston
Q8 | The branch of philosophy that studies assumptions about the nature of reality and existence is
Q9 | The philosophical area which deals with the problem of being is called ______
Q10 | Epistemology is concerned with _____ of knowledge
Q11 | Rationalism and empiricism represent the philosophy of the ______ era
Q12 | ‘Science of society is possible’ is assumed by which approach
Q13 | Positivists tend to be skeptical of
Q14 | How did Post Positivism relate to Positivism
Q15 | The concept of Rights, Property, Liberty, Equality and Justice are related to—
Q16 | The legal theory of Rights believes that—
Q17 | Civil Rights are given to the individuals by—
Q18 | Who first gave the Concept of ‘Distributive Justice’?
Q19 | Negative liberty implies that,
Q20 | The word ‘ Democracy’ means,
Q21 | ‘Who Governs’ is a work by
Q22 | Direct democracy was established in
Q23 | Which approach is, according to Robert A Dahl, “an attempt to make the empirical content ofPolitical Science more scientific “
Q24 | ‘It is better to be vague than irrelevant’. This statement explains the following
Q25 | . Who introduced the concept of natural rights?