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This set of Methodology and Perspectives of Social Sciences Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Methodology And Perspectives Of Social Sciences Set 3

Q1 | The behaviorist approach to the study of political science was developed as a protest against
Q2 | The behaviorist approach differs from the traditional approach for the study of political science in sofar as
Q3 | Which one of the following is regarded as the most important contribution of behaviouralism topolitical science
Q4 | Civil liberty is inherent in the laws of
Q5 | Who said: “Where there is no law there is no freedom”?
Q6 | Which one of the following statements is correct
Q7 | The concept of natural liberty is associated with
Q8 | Who among the following was the chief exponent of natural liberty
Q9 | Political liberty is often taken as synonymous with
Q10 | Which one of the following statements is not correct?
Q11 | Which one of the following statements is not correct
Q12 | The term ‘Social Sciences’ first appeared in the work of
Q13 | ’ Republic’ is the work of
Q14 | In Renaissance human reason placed above
Q15 | The conflict between religious learning and believes and rationality learning and believes is the basiccharacteristics of
Q16 | The period from 1453 to the end of the 17th century was characterized by the rebirth andproliferation of
Q17 | Enlightenment was to a large extent based on
Q18 | Enlightenment thinkers opened up new and very significant areas of
Q19 | In the period of enlightenment as the organizing principle of knowledge, rationality replaced
Q20 | The period of enlightenment was in
Q21 | Which of the following is not correctly matched
Q22 | Who is regarded as the ‘Father of History’
Q23 | The age of _____ saw a revolution within natural philosophy
Q24 | The history of the social sciences begins in the routes of the ancient _______
Q25 | ________ is regarded as the father of Political Science.