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This set of Methodology and Perspectives of Social Sciences Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Methodology And Perspectives Of Social Sciences Set 2

Q1 | Which theory of democracy attaches great importance to economic rights of man?
Q2 | The term ‘liberty’ has been drawn from the Latin term
Q3 | Removing barriers or restrictions said by government is called
Q4 | Globalization by connecting countries leads to
Q5 | ‘Euro centrism’ as the term for an ideology was coined by whom?
Q6 | During the enlightenment of the 18th century:
Q7 | Economics deals with
Q8 | The social science that deals with human use of the natural environment is:
Q9 | Political science stresses the study of:
Q10 | Psychology deals with
Q11 | The study of human group behavior is the definition of
Q12 | The social sciences lack
Q13 | Ethical neutrality is the opposite of
Q14 | Anthropology is restricted to the study of:
Q15 | Objectivity means
Q16 | The study and analysis of preliterate societies is one of the chief concern of
Q17 | The study of traits that appear in specific populations as adaptation to specific environment is called
Q18 | Furnishing historical data about past with no written records Is the task of
Q19 | The most experimental of social sciences is
Q20 | The discipline that studies such disparate subjects as the environment religion, politics, criminality,organization and so on, is
Q21 | Which of the following does not fall within the preview of the political liberty
Q22 | Political liberty ensures
Q23 | Liberty and equality are
Q24 | The credit for developing behavioural approach for the study of political science goes to
Q25 | Though the Behaviorist Approach for the study of political science was developed after the firstworld war it gained popularity only