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This set of Methodology and Perspectives of Social Sciences Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Methodology And Perspectives Of Social Sciences Set 15

Q1 | Who wrote “Two Treatises of Government”?
Q2 | The first of the social science disciplines to achieve an autonomous institutional existence was?
Q3 | _____was first attained the status of a single and separate science among the social sciences
Q4 | Epistemology is concerned with the study of ______________
Q5 | _____ was one of the co-founder of “German Sociological Society” with Max Weber and F.Tonnies.
Q6 | Who among the following was the profounder of ‘Positivism’?
Q7 | Who wrote the book “Treatise on General Sociology”?
Q8 | The new scientific approach developed by Vilfredo Pareto in the study of human behaviour was?
Q9 | Famous political theorist Georges Sorel belongs to______
Q10 | The book “Reflections on Violence” was written by?
Q11 | Who coined the term “sociology” in the year 1838?
Q12 | Famous sociologist Max Weber belongs to __________
Q13 | Max Weber was born in the year ____________
Q14 | “Rationalization thesis” and the “Protestant Ethic Thesis” were the most famous contributions of?
Q15 | Who wrote the book “Protestant Ethic and Spirit of Capitalism”?
Q16 | Famous Economist Adam Smith was born in__________ in the year 1723.
Q17 | Adam Smith’s master work is _________________
Q18 | Who wrote the book “Theory of Moral Sentiments”?
Q19 | Which work is considered as the first comprehensive system of political economy?
Q20 | Adam Smith is considered as the champion of the doctrine of ______________
Q21 | David Ricardo was born in the year _______________
Q22 | The book ‘Principles of Political Economy and Taxation’ was written by?
Q23 | Cambridge School of Economics is associated with _________________
Q24 | Alfred Marshall’s master work is?
Q25 | The theory of ‘elasticity of demand’ was put forth by_____