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This set of Methodology and Perspectives of Social Sciences Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Methodology And Perspectives Of Social Sciences Set 11

Q1 | Auguste Comte used the term “science social” taken from the ideasof_____________
Q2 | Death, birth and other family events are found to be associated with _____pollution.
Q3 | The history of the social sciences begins in the roots of ancient___________
Q4 | The term ‘Verstehen Sociology’ is associated with ______________
Q5 | At the turn of the 21st century, the expanding domain of economics in thesocial scienceshas been described as _____________
Q6 | Among the following _____________ is not a branch of Medical Sociology.
Q7 | The word _____________is from the Greek for “human being” or “person.
Q8 | The major purpose of Social Science research is
Q9 | In the branch of Economics_______________the unit of analysis is theindividual agent
Q10 | Diagnosis of problems and their analysis lead to
Q11 | Research strengthens our
Q12 | Pollution which cannot be removed by any purificatory acts is called_______ pollution.
Q13 | Global positioning systems (GPS) is now widely used in _______________
Q14 | Medium households consist of ____________ members
Q15 | _______________asserted that man is a political animal in his Politics
Q16 | A.M.Shah maintained that a simple household had ______ possiblecompositions
Q17 | _____________ differs from biology and neuroscience in that it is primarilyconcerned with the interaction of mental processes and behaviour
Q18 | Chicago school developed _________________
Q19 | Who is the author of ‘ The Household dimensions of Family in India’?
Q20 | The Study of Administration is a seminal work authored by_________
Q21 | The term sociology was derived from Greek term logos and _______wordsociusmeaning “companion”, or society
Q22 | ________ households are defined as those which consisted of whole or partof the parental family
Q23 | Experimental psychology was founded by _______________
Q24 | Small households consist of ____________ members
Q25 | Social Science History Association was formed in ______________