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This set of Introduction to Political Theory Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Introduction To Political Theory Set 2

Q1 | Political Science stresses the study of :
Q2 | Who among the following was an advocate of Behaviouralism and Post-Behaviouralism?
Q3 | The word ‘Sovereignty ’ derived from ________ language.
Q4 | Who believed that Sovereignty vested in the ‘general will’ ?
Q5 | External aspect of sovereignty was fully developed by ------------
Q6 | Which of the following is not an essential characteristics of sovereignty ?
Q7 | Legal Sovereignty is one; which is accepted by :
Q8 | “If sovereignty is not absolute no state can exist” This statement made by ;
Q9 | Popular sovereignty lies in :
Q10 | Sovereignty is an essential element of :
Q11 | The pluralist believes in the concept of :
Q12 | The monistic theory of sovereignty was propounded by:
Q13 | The Pluralistic theory of sovereignty was first propounded by:
Q14 | The pluralist believed that :
Q15 | Who of the following was the first to explain politics in terms of ‘Power’?
Q16 | Which one of the following group of thinkers do not draw any distinction between thegovernment and state?
Q17 | One of the following is basic feature of pluralistic concept of Sovereignty?
Q18 | According to exponents of theory of Divine Origin of State have :
Q19 | Main supporters of theory of Divine Origin were :
Q20 | Aristotle Believed that state originated as result of :
Q21 | The observation that “the state is the march of God on earth ” was made by ;
Q22 | Force theory about the origin of state is supported by :
Q23 | ‘ Social Contract’ was written by :
Q24 | According to Hobbes; the state of nature was:
Q25 | According to Hobbes; in the state of nature people was: