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This set of Indian Constitution - Institutions and Processes Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Indian Constitution Institutions And Processes Set 6

Q1 | The meetings of the Council of Members are presided over by:
Q2 | The allocation of portfolios to the various members of the Council ofMinisters is done:
Q3 | The office of the Prime Minister of India
Q4 | The Prime Minister is the head of
Q5 | The Prime Minister is
Q6 | Generally the Prime Minister is
Q7 | The Prime Minister says in office as long as
Q8 | The agenda for the meeting of the council of ministers is declared by
Q9 | The Government in India is known as Parliamentary because
Q10 | The framers of the constitution drew inspiration for adoption of Parliamentarygovernment from
Q11 | The Parliamentary Government in the western sense was introduced in Indiaby
Q12 | The decision regarding adoption of Parliamentary Government was taken bythe Constituent Assembly
Q13 | The constitution provided Parliamentary Governments
Q14 | According to the constitution the Lok Sabha must meet at least
Q15 | Which of the following parliamentary Committees in India acts a ‘watch-dog’ondepartmental expenditures and irregularities