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This set of Indian Constitution - Institutions and Processes Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Indian Constitution Institutions And Processes Set 3

Q1 | The Ninth Schedule to the Indian Constitution was added by
Q2 | The resolution for removing the Vice- President of India can be moved in the
Q3 | Who among the following was the chairman of Union Constitution Committee of theConstitution Assembly.
Q4 | Which one of the following subjects is under the Union list in the Seventh Scheduleof the Constitution of India.
Q5 | If the Panchayat is dissolved, elections are to be held within
Q6 | The authorization for the withdrawal of funds from the Consolidate fund of Indiamust come from.
Q7 | According to the Constitution of India, Which of the following are Fundamental forthe governance of the Country .
Q8 | Which one of the following is part of the electoral college for the election of thePresident of India but does not form part of the forum for his impeachment ?
Q9 | The Speaker Can ask a member of the House to stop seeking and let another memberspeak this phenomenon is known as
Q10 | Which one of the following amendment is regarded as a ‘mini revision of theConstitution’?
Q11 | Which one of the following amendment was concerned with the extension ofreservation of seats for the Schedule Castes?
Q12 | Which one of the following amendment of the Constitution did away with theprivileges and concessions enjoyed by the I.C.S. Office.
Q13 | Which one of the following Amendment of the Constitution is reacted with right toprivate property ?
Q14 | Which one of the following Amendments removed Rights to Property from the list ofFundamental Rights and made it only a legal right?
Q15 | Which Amendment of the Constitution whichConduits provisions regardingdisqualifications on grounds of defection?
Q16 | Which one of the following amendment reduce the voting age from 21 years to 18years ?
Q17 | Which amendment accorded statutory status to the Commission for Scheduled Castsand Scheduled Tribes?
Q18 | Which amendment provided a constitutional guarantee to the formulation of thePanchayatsat village and other levels ?
Q19 | Which amendment empowered the state to make provision for reservation inpromotion in government jobs in favour of Scheduled Cast and Scheduled Tribes?
Q20 | Which amendment of the Constitution stipulates that the state shall provided free andcompulsory education to all children if the age 6-14 years?
Q21 | The National Commission for Scheduled Caste was created by
Q22 | Which one of the following amendment of the constitution abolished the Privy Pursesand privileges of the Indian Princes?
Q23 | Which one of the following has been wrongly listed as a shortcomings of theelectoral process in India?
Q24 | In urban areas the behaviour of the voters is generally greatly influenced by
Q25 | The concept of ‘basic structure of the Constitution’ gained currency flowingSupreme Court’s judgement in