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This set of Indian Constitution - Institutions and Processes Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Indian Constitution Institutions And Processes Set 2

Q1 | The Constitution of which one of the following countries specifically recognises thatthe State has a moral responsibility to provide employment to its citizens?
Q2 | Which one of the following rights is vital for the successful working of democracy?
Q3 | The Fundamental Rights of the Indian citizens have been enumerated from
Q4 | The Directive Principle of State Policy
Q5 | The framers of the Indian Constitution borrowed the idea of Directive Principles ofState Policy from
Q6 | The Directive Principles are in the nature of
Q7 | The Directive Principles were incorporated in the Constitution with a view to
Q8 | The main objective of the Directive Principles is to
Q9 | Which one of the followings has been wrongly listed as a Directive Principle
Q10 | Which one of the following Directive Principles can be described as Gandhian inCharacter?
Q11 | Which one of the following is in the concurrent list in the Constitution of India?
Q12 | Which one of the following comes under the Jurisdiction of both the High Court andthe Supreme Court?
Q13 | The Anti- Defection Law was enacted as early as 1979 in
Q14 | Which one of the following determines that Indian Constitution is Federal?
Q15 | Which of the following are the States in which the LokAyukta Act includes the chiefMinister in its ambit?
Q16 | Prohibition of discrimination on grounds of religion is a Fundamental Rightsclassified under
Q17 | According to the Constitution of India, the term ‘District Judge’ shall not include
Q18 | Which one of the following is not a Principle of ‘Panchsheel’
Q19 | The concept of public interest litigation originated in
Q20 | Economic Survey in India is Published officially every year by the
Q21 | A British Citizen Staying in Indian cannot claim Right to
Q22 | The State which has the largest number of seats reserved for the Scheduled Tribes inthe LokSabha is
Q23 | In which way does the Indian Parliament exercise Control over the administration
Q24 | The purpose of the inclusion of DPSP in the Indian Constitution is to establish
Q25 | Five year plan in India is finally approved by