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This set of Human Rights Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Human Rights Set 14

Q1 | What is UNEP?
Q2 | Who is the chief executive officer of the MHRC?
Q3 | Where is the headquarters of the MHRC?
Q4 | Who appoint the chairman of the State Human Right Commission?
Q5 | A country suspending a provision of a treaty when a conditionthreaten the life of the nation is known as ----------
Q6 | When was the Right to information Act passed?
Q7 | What is the time limit to give reply to the applicant under RTI act?
Q8 | What is the fee to apply under RTIAct
Q9 | The power of the judiciary to nullify the law is known as -----------
Q10 | Who among the following is connected with PIL?
Q11 | Who established Amnesty International?
Q12 | When was the Amnesty International formed?
Q13 | Whereis the secretariat of the Amnesty International
Q14 | When did the Amnesty International get Nobel peace prize
Q15 | World Watch is concerned with----------
Q16 | Who founded the world watch?
Q17 | When was the world watch formed
Q18 | Who founded PUCLDR?
Q19 | Who was the first president of PUCL
Q20 | SardarSarovar Project is in ------------river
Q21 | When was the PUCLDR formed?
Q22 | Who is the leader of NBA?
Q23 | Chipko movement was against------------
Q24 | Which movement focused on the displacement and rehabilitaiona?
Q25 | The terrorist using the methed of ---------to gain their interest