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This set of Human Rights Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Human Rights Set 13

Q1 | Which Article of the Protection of Human Rights Act prescribes forHuman Rights courts?
Q2 | Where is he headquarters of UNICEF?
Q3 | Were was the first Conference on Women held?
Q4 | When was the first Conference on Women held?
Q5 | Which was the Women’s Development Decade?
Q6 | Which is regarded as the International Bill of Rights for Women?
Q7 | Which world conferencee on women discussed domestic violenceas an important matter.
Q8 | A meeting on violence in the family was held in -------- in 1986.
Q9 | Which conference highlighted the international concern over violence against women?
Q10 | When was the Nairobi conference held?
Q11 | Where was the fourth world conference on women held?
Q12 | When was the National Commission on women constituted in India?
Q13 | When was the first Dowry Prohibition Act passed in India?
Q14 | WhichDeclaration asserts “mankind owes to the child the best it has to give” ?
Q15 | When did the Declaration of the Rights of the Child pass by the UN?
Q16 | Which international Fund provides assistance to children?
Q17 | Which year was observed as international Year of the Child?
Q18 | When was the convention on the right of the child came into force?
Q19 | Which article of the Indian Constitution prohibit hazardous jobs to children?
Q20 | Which Act requires for the establishment of ‘special homes’for children?
Q21 | When was the Juvenile Justice Act enected?
Q22 | What is UNHCR?
Q23 | “Use of violence and intimidation for political purpose “ isknown as --------
Q24 | Where was the conference on human environment held in 1972?
Q25 | When we observe world environment day?