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This set of Human Rights Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Human Rights Set 10

Q1 | Writ issued the court directing to a person to perform public duties is---------
Q2 | Who said state is known by the rights that it maintains---
Q3 | “Right is a claim recognized by the society and enforced by the state” ,who said?
Q4 | Liberty, Equality and Fraternity are the slogans of-----------
Q5 | Generally rights are classified in to civil and------------rights
Q6 | Who said every life is valuable, and murder another means elimination of anIndividuality
Q7 | Suicide is an offence to oneself, offence to community as well as offence to god.who said this?
Q8 | Fundamental rights are------- rights
Q9 | Liberty without -----------------is meaningless.
Q10 | Article 17 of Indian constitution deals with—
Q11 | Right to life is guaranteed in Indian constitution in article
Q12 | Right to family is ensured in article---------of UDHR
Q13 | Right to work is incorporated in part------------of Indian constitution
Q14 | Right to resistance is a-------------------------------right
Q15 | Liberty is the atmosphere created by rights, who said
Q16 | Legal theory of rights was propounded by------------
Q17 | Who said no rights without law, no rights contrary to law-
Q18 | The Idea of sustainable development was highlighted in which conference?
Q19 | ‘ Legal right is the claim of an individual upon others recognized by the state’, who said this?
Q20 | According to-------theory of rights ,rights are the creation of the state
Q21 | According to legal theory outside-----------there can be no rights
Q22 | State does not create rights but merely recognize it, who said
Q23 | Who is the exponent of ideal theory of rights?
Q24 | Exponents of social welfare theory of rights
Q25 | Article 1 of ICCPR guarantees---------------