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This set of Foundations of Sociology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Foundations Of Sociology Set 6

Q1 | Structure is useless without __________.
Q2 | Name the control of society over individual.
Q3 | ______ refers to the relationship between those who own the means ofproduction and those who do not
Q4 | The concept of ______was based on the ideology that society will graduallyimprove on the basis that the ‗fittest‘ will be the most successful and therefore‗survive‘.
Q5 | Any form of social encounter between individuals is termed as ____________.
Q6 | ______ refers to the physical means and techniques of production to whichlaborers add value and transform capital into products for sale
Q7 | Which of the following modes of production is said to be classless?
Q8 | The core of a culture is formed by ___________.
Q9 | The Enlightenment is associated with which of the following thinkers
Q10 | In which of the following modes of production is the primary form of propertypossession of land in reciprocal contract relations?
Q11 | In which of the following modes of production is the primary form of propertythe possession of objects and services through state guaranteed contract?
Q12 | ______________ is a characteristic of in-group.
Q13 | Which of the following books is authored by Marx?
Q14 | Name one American sociologist, who is known as the founder of behavioral sociology andexchange theory.
Q15 | Who defined sociology as the study of societal evolution?
Q16 | _______are the sum total of social relations which human beings establishamong themselves in the production of their material lives
Q17 | The __________ groups are characterized by sympathetic contact.
Q18 | For Marx, the analysis of social order and the causes of social change must bediscovered in the specific _______that a society has
Q19 | _____ shapes the mode of distribution, circulation and consumption, and isregulated by the state
Q20 | The ruling class in Feudalism is usually _______
Q21 | Contradictory demands of different roles individuals perform is termed as
Q22 | In which mode of production is the primary form of exploitation wage labour?
Q23 | Social exchange theory was introduced by _____________.
Q24 | The ruling class in Capitalism is________
Q25 | In Capitalism, it is the _______ who exploit the proletariat