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This set of Foundations of Sociology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Foundations Of Sociology Set 5

Q1 | The characteristic trait of militant societies is ______
Q2 | A friendship group composed of individuals of similar age and social status.
Q3 | Who is the author of ‗Spirit of the Laws‘?
Q4 | In _____________, interaction between individuals engaged in a common activity or adirect conversation with one another happens.
Q5 | _____ type of society is based on voluntary cooperation and individual selfrestraint
Q6 | In which book has Spencer observed some similarities between biological andsocial organism?
Q7 | Features of social life that challenges or creates tensions in a social system.
Q8 | Who introduced the concept of Social Class?
Q9 | Gemeinschaft is translated into English as ________.
Q10 | ________ is one of the most distinctive properties of human social association.
Q11 | Who introduced the concept of Alienation?
Q12 | According to Marx, ____ forces are the keys to underestimating society andsocial change
Q13 | Who introduced the Social Conflict perspectives in Sociology?
Q14 | The first Estate in the Estate system
Q15 | A social group is ______________ in nature.
Q16 | Who believed that the history of human society has been that of classconflict?
Q17 | _________ is any act that contravenes the laws established by a political authority.
Q18 | The system in which the labourer had nothing to sell but his/her own labourpower.
Q19 | Name the reciprocal influence human beings exert on each other through interstimulationand response.
Q20 | Which of the following books is authored by Marx?
Q21 | Which of the following books is authored by Marx?
Q22 | Relative deprivation is central to ____________ behavior.
Q23 | Which of the following books is authored by Marx?
Q24 | Human beings organize themselves into groups called ___________, for the achievement ofsome object or goal.
Q25 | ______ includes everything that goes into the production of the necessities oflife