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This set of Foundations of Sociology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Foundations Of Sociology Set 3

Q1 | Which of the following events was integral to the emergence of sociology?
Q2 | Which of the following laid the foundation for French Revolution?
Q3 | A role is the ————— aspect of status.
Q4 | Under __________, land was the main means of production
Q5 | According to _____ , the force of human Reason replaced establishedauthority, such as the Church and the King
Q6 | _________ represent ‗standardized generalization‘ concerning expected modes ofbehavior.
Q7 | The power of _______ was based on the feudal seigniorial system
Q8 | _______ was a period of intellectual development and change in philosophicalthought beginning in the eighteenth century
Q9 | Social status based on an individual‘s effort.
Q10 | In Europe, ______ was one of the torchbearers of Enlightenment literature andphilosophy
Q11 | Conformity implies behaving in accordance with the _________.
Q12 | Auguste Comte was a _______ philosopher
Q13 | _______ coined the term sociology as a social science to study about society
Q14 | Emotional warmth and spontaneity exist in __________ group.
Q15 | ________ proposed the doctrine of Positivism
Q16 | __________ interaction consists of vocal or other gestures and language, spoken orwritten.
Q17 | Who defined Sociology as a positive science?
Q18 | _______ is the search for ―invariant laws of the natural and social world.‖
Q19 | In ___________ interaction, interaction occurs among people who are present in the samesetting, but are not engaged in face- to- face communication.
Q20 | _______ consists of the investigations of laws of action and reaction of differentparts of the social system
Q21 | The French revolution led to the emergence of ______
Q22 | Which among the following is an indirect method of social control?
Q23 | ________ focuses on whole societies as the unit of analysis and how theydeveloped and changed through time
Q24 | ___________ is a negative social sanction.
Q25 | In ________ stage, people come to believe that all phenomena are created andinfluenced by gods and supernatural forces