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This set of Comparative Politics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Comparative Politics Set 3

Q1 | British Parliament is dissolved by the_______
Q2 | The term Privy Council was first used in the reign of:
Q3 | The Budget of U.K.is prepared by:
Q4 | In Britain, Lord Chancellor is the member of cabinet and also the head of:
Q5 | Which Parliament is known as the „Mother of all Parliaments‟?
Q6 | “Once a speaker is always a speaker” is a phrase associated with:
Q7 | The House of Lords is the:
Q8 | The highest court of appeal in the U.S.:
Q9 | The lower chamber of the British Parliament called:
Q10 | The conservative party was founded in:
Q11 | The Presiding officer of the House of Lords is:
Q12 | Which of the following country has unwritten constitution?
Q13 | In a perfect federation constitution must be:
Q14 | The Labour Party was founded in:
Q15 | The founder of the Liberal Democratic Party was:
Q16 | The Government is federal or unitary on the basis of relations between the:
Q17 | A Confederation differs from a federation in so far as:
Q18 | In a federation the units are:
Q19 | The term Federation is drawn from the term „Foedus‟ taken from:
Q20 | The units are „Sovereign‟ in the:
Q21 | In which one of the following countries can the units of the federation initiate amendments?
Q22 | Which of the following countries first adopted a federal constitution for the first time?
Q23 | Which one of the following forms of Government can serve as a model for world state?
Q24 | A federal Government envisages a:
Q25 | Who of the following is regarded as the exponent of the classical concept of Rule of Law?