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This set of An Introduction to Political Science Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on An Introduction To Political Science Set 8

Q1 | Who among the following pioneered the integration of the study of political science withpsychology?
Q2 | Who among the following advocated that the central idea of the political science is power?
Q3 | Harold Lasswell’s “Politics: Who Gets, What, when and How” discusses:
Q4 | Who among the following employed a biological method in the study of politics?
Q5 | The work ‘Power and Society’ is co-authored by :
Q6 | The keynote of liberalism is _________
Q7 | The famous ‘fourfold functional analysis’ of the social systems is made by
Q8 | A scientific sociological evaluation of the state has been discussed by:
Q9 | Jurisprudence is
Q10 | The work ‘Political Science: A philosophical Analysis’ is authored by:
Q11 | Which of the following works have nsote been authored by R.M. MacIver?
Q12 | Which of the following have been authored by RobertDahl?
Q13 | In Marxist theory, society is divided into dominant and dependent classes and the formercontrols the state which is an embodiment of:
Q14 | Who opined that it was in small states that democracy first arose?
Q15 | The chief proponents of the theory of natural rights are
Q16 | Which of the following theories is the one opposed to the theory of natural rights?
Q17 | The historical theory of rights can be summed up in the sentence:
Q18 | In connection with rights, Bentham and Mill expressly advocate the principle of utility inopposition to :
Q19 | Who among the following laid down an elaborate defiance of personal liberty?
Q20 | Civil liberty stands for :
Q21 | Who among the following held the view that liberty and equality are opposed to each other?1.J.S Mill 2. Lord Hewart 3. De Tocqueville 4. Lord Acton
Q22 | “----- Who opines that freedom exists only because there is restraint”
Q23 | “Man is free when he obey’s the law of impulse for self –perfection” – Green in the abovestatement Thomas Hill Green upholds which of the following ideas of freedom?
Q24 | Democracy in Crisis 3. Democracy in Crisis28. The author of Anarchy, State and Utopia is
Q25 | The idea of joining or fitting’ is implied in the concept of