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This set of An Introduction to Political Science Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on An Introduction To Political Science Set 12

Q1 | According to the classical liberal theorists
Q2 | According to the liberal theory, the individual can find freedom by
Q3 | Who said “Rights, in fact, are those conditions of social life without which no man seek, ingeneral to be his best”?
Q4 | Which of the following statement is true?
Q5 | According to _________”Life is not merely living but living well”
Q6 | In the words of Laski
Q7 | The statement “Men are born and always continue free and equal in respect of their rights isassociated with
Q8 | According to ___________”A right is a claim recognized by society and enforced by theState”
Q9 | Which of the following is correct?
Q10 | Which of the following rights were considered important during middle ages?
Q11 | In the words of _________in his book Principles of social political Obligation, “Right are the external conditions necessary for the greatest possible development for the greatest possibledevelopment of the capacities of the personality”
Q12 | By fundamental rights we mean,
Q13 | The political Rights granted by the state enable a citizen to
Q14 | Which of the following is not a Theory of Rights?
Q15 | _________is the earliest theory of rights
Q16 | Locke is the supporter of
Q17 | Which of the following statements is not associated with natural theory of rights?
Q18 | Who among the following supported the theory of Natural Rights ?
Q19 | According to _____________one’s natural rights are ones natural powers
Q20 | Who among the following propounded the legal theory of rights?
Q21 | In the opinion of Laski
Q22 | Which of the following is an essential conditions for safeguarding rights of the individuals? I. Decentralisation of authority II. Existence of Consultative bodies III. Existence of supreme court IV. Non-interference by the state in the internal affairs of associations
Q23 | A bill of Rights is
Q24 | Which of the following countries was the first to include a Bill of Rights?
Q25 | ________is not a Civil Right