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This set of An Introduction to Political Science Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on An Introduction To Political Science Set 10

Q1 | He explained his view of democracy in his work ‘Political Main’. His view of democracy is based on what he calls the competitive character of governing elites in modern democracies.He is:
Q2 | Who among the following condemned democracy as “an aristocracy of black guards”?
Q3 | Which of the following works have been authored by C.B. Mapherson?
Q4 | Who among the following has dubbed Marxism as a totalitarian doctrine?
Q5 | Democracy as an ideal can be achieved through:
Q6 | Which of the following is held as a transitional state in Marxian philosophy?
Q7 | In the words of Woodrow Wilson, World War I was fought to make the world safe for:
Q8 | Who among the following was known to have been of the view that there has been a growing distrust and discontent with politicians and the political method evolved by parliamentarydemocracy?
Q9 | Who calls democracy only an experiment in government?
Q10 | A democratic state means
Q11 | Who described democracy as a government in which everyone has share?
Q12 | Who defines democracy as a form of government in which the government body is acomparatively large fraction of the entire nation?
Q13 | A democratic society is one in which
Q14 | Democracy in its narrow sense means
Q15 | Early Greek city states experimented with different forms of Government prominent amongthem were:
Q16 | As a form of government, Aristotle preferred
Q17 | A powerful eighteenth century advocate of direct democracy was
Q18 | Direct democracy was first practiced in the Greek city states. In the medieval times this type ofdemocracy was revived by
Q19 | The nearest approach that one finds to direct democracy in some modern states in the form of
Q20 | Which of the following is the work authored by Lord Bryce?
Q21 | Which of the following countries practice direct democracy in modern times?
Q22 | Who among the following opinion that life is a “perpetual and restless desire for power afterpower which ceases only in death”?
Q23 | Who among the following is one of the advocates of the power theory in politics ?
Q24 | Who founded the structural functional school in political science ?
Q25 | Political socialization is the process of induction into the political culture and the psychologicaldimension of the