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This set of An Introduction to Political Science Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on An Introduction To Political Science Set 1

Q1 | Which of the following are the features on the basis of which the parliamentary system ofgovernment operates?
Q2 | Which is not a feature of Presidential form of government?
Q3 | The concept of Rights, Property, Liberty, Equality and Justice are related to—
Q4 | The legal theory of Rights believes that—
Q5 | Civil rights are given to the individuals by—
Q6 | Who said, “Liberty is the opposite of Over Government”
Q7 | Who first gave the Concept of ‘Distributive Justice’?
Q8 | In Democracy, source of Authority is vested in—
Q9 | Landsgemeinde is a direct democratic institutions in which country
Q10 | Who is the author of ‘A Grammar of Politics’?
Q11 | ‘ Administrative law ‘is popular in
Q12 | “State is known by the rights that it maintains” who said?
Q13 | Which law is popular in England?
Q14 | What is the maximum term provided for an ordinance?
Q15 | Which among the following is a Political right?
Q16 | Negative liberty implies that,
Q17 | Which law is made by the legislature?
Q18 | Rousseau authored the book
Q19 | Which day is observed as International Human Rights Day?
Q20 | Referendum means
Q21 | Plebiscite is a word derived from,
Q22 | Plebiscite means
Q23 | Which of the following country follows a multi party system
Q24 | Which is known as the citadel of democracy?
Q25 | Who defined political science is “that part of social science which treats the foundations ofthe state and principles of government”?