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This set of Yoga and Personality Development Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Yoga And Personality Development Set 9

Q1 | Among the eight limbs of yoga ,which of them denotes the ethical principles :
Q2 | Which of the following Sanskrit term denotes the level ‘torpid’
Q3 | In Yoga system, yama means --------
Q4 | In which limbs of Yoga , the internal and external purification included :
Q5 | The concentrated level of mind is known as :
Q6 | In Yoga system , -------- tune up the nerve system
Q7 | -------- is the last limb of Yoga
Q8 | In Yoga system Dharana denotes :
Q9 | Patanjali’s Yoga system shows ------------ limbs of yoga
Q10 | In Yoga system ---------- denotes the withdrawal of the senses :
Q11 | How many limbs of Yoga are included in the external l practices :
Q12 | Asamprajnata Samadhi is related to :
Q13 | Which among the following is related with Yoga system :
Q14 | How many limbs of yoga are included in the internal practices:
Q15 | Which among the following is not included in the eight limbs of yoga
Q16 | In Yoga system ,Samadhi is of -------- kinds
Q17 | Which level of mental life shows that mental modifications are arrested :
Q18 | Which among the following is the work of Patanjali :
Q19 | Which among the following is a kind of personality according to Yoga
Q20 | In Antaranga sadhana how many limbs of yoga are included :
Q21 | Which limbs of yoga contains the five vows
Q22 | Which among the following type of knowledge is related to ‘rope snake illusion’
Q23 | There are ---------- kinds of sufferings or pains according to Yoga system
Q24 | In yoga ,Pramana means ----------------
Q25 | Which among the following term is related to egoism in Yoga Philosophy