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This set of Yoga and Personality Development Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Yoga And Personality Development Set 2

Q1 | ------------------is the effort of yoga
Q2 | The metaphysics of yoga derived from----------------
Q3 | The metaphysics of yoga is similar to---------
Q4 | The yogic idea of purusha derived from-----------
Q5 | Freedom in Yoga is -----------
Q6 | According to yoga,universe is -----------
Q7 | Yoga accepts ------------principles
Q8 | The highest form of matter is---------------
Q9 | ---------------is the highest form of matter
Q10 | ---------------is the seat of knowledge according to yoga
Q11 | thecitta is dominated by-----------
Q12 | --------------is dominated by citta
Q13 | vritti means---------------
Q14 | ------------- is an obstacle of concentration
Q15 | Raga means --------------
Q16 | Avidhya means -------------
Q17 | Abhinivesa means ---------
Q18 | Yoga do not accept--------- pramana
Q19 | Yoga accepts perception?
Q20 | Yoga accepts ----------- means of knowledge
Q21 | ---------- is an invalid cognition
Q22 | Vipraryaya means
Q23 | Vikalpa means
Q24 | -------------------- is a mental modification
Q25 | -------------- is a mental modification