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This set of Western Philosophy Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Western Philosophy Set 5

Q1 | Who says that there are two state of being i.e., Potentiality and Actuality.
Q2 | According to Aristotle, there are nine Categories and one----
Q3 | St. Thomas Aquinas was very much influenced the philosophy of -------
Q4 | St. Augustin based his philosophy and theology on the teachings of ------
Q5 | According to Augustine the lowest level of knowledge is called ------
Q6 | St. Augustine says that knowledge of Divine is through ---
Q7 | Who wrote the work the proslogium
Q8 | Who is famous for the so-called ontological argument for the existent ofgod?
Q9 | Who is called the father of Scholasticism?
Q10 | According to------,we have two sources of knowledge: faith and reason.
Q11 | St. Augustine was very much influenced by the philosophy of--
Q12 | .??????is considered as the founder of the atomistic school.
Q13 | Crito is a work of???????.
Q14 | Aristotle gives ???..supreme categories of thought.
Q15 | According to??????. faith and reason are neither mutuallyexclusive nor contradictory but are mutually complementary
Q16 | St. Anselm?s ontological argument proceeds from the idea of God to Godas????? as existent.