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This set of Western Philosophy Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Western Philosophy Set 1

Q1 | The original principle of this universe is------- according to Thales
Q2 | Thales is a------ philosopher
Q3 | -------- was counted among the Seven Wise Men
Q4 | The arche of things is apeiron, according to ------
Q5 | According to Anaximenes--- is the first principle
Q6 | Who said number is the essence and basis of all things?
Q7 | Who is known as the Father of Western Philosophy?
Q8 | Who advocated theory of atoms?
Q9 | Who is the main atomist?
Q10 | Protagoras is a ------Philosopher
Q11 | Man is the measure of all things, according to ------
Q12 | Democritus and Leucippus are belonging to------ school
Q13 | ----- was the first Athenian born Philosopher
Q14 | Knowledge is relative associated with
Q15 | Maieutic method is by ------Philosopher
Q16 | Who said that the unexamined life is not worth living?
Q17 | Socrates is a prominent ------ philosopher
Q18 | Whose doctrine is ?Know Thyself??
Q19 | Socrates is a mentor of --------
Q20 | ---- invented the dialectic method of finding truth through conversation
Q21 | Athens where Plato established ------, the first university in the Westernworld
Q22 | In his famous ?Allegory of the Cave,? ----- relates a story illustrating thejourney of the soul from ignorance to knowledge.
Q23 | The Republic is the famous work of ---------
Q24 | Theory of truth lies in the theory of Ideas is the philosophy of
Q25 | Who distinguished world of ideas and physical world?