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This set of Western Aesthetics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Western Aesthetics Set 5

Q1 | Marx identifies the alienation of modern man in his aesthetic life is the result of:
Q2 | Who identifies man as a creative animal?
Q3 | According to Marx -------------- enrich the creativity of man.
Q4 | Marx says art is mutual contribution of man and-----------------.
Q5 | Marx argues that in the creative process nature is humanized and man is:
Q6 | Proper development of five senses of human, which are the tools for humancreativity, is impossible in a ------------- society according to Marx.
Q7 | Marx applied his ---------------------- method to the sphere of aesthetics.
Q8 | Marx insisted art should be:
Q9 | Max believes ----------------- affect the very nature of artistic activity of a society.
Q10 | Marx argues that along with representing the social conditions, -------------shouldhelp to improve the social conditions.
Q11 | Marxian theory of aesthetics has strongly embedded with his ideology of:9
Q12 | According to Marx --------------- representation of social conditions is theresponsibility of art and artist.
Q13 | According to Marx art is the part of -------------------- , and was thereforeinfluenced by the economy.
Q14 | In his writings Marx mentioned the --------------- took away the aesthetic sense.
Q15 | Marx explains ------------------ makes impossibility of disinterested appreciation ofbeauty.
Q16 | Marx considered capitalism brought -------------------- value to art.
Q17 | Marx believed art should serve the ------------------- of awakening society to theirpain.
Q18 | Marx said art cannot be beautiful until ------------------- has been established.
Q19 | In Marx’s opinion ------------- brought monitory value to art.
Q20 | Artist as the ----------------------- of the society according to Marx.
Q21 | Marxism observed work of art is a consumer object in a:
Q22 | Which ideology stated that Artist is always a part of the culture?
Q23 | Identify the work of A. G. Baumgarten.
Q24 | Hegel’s aesthetic position deeply rooted in his metaphysical view of:10
Q25 | According to Hegel ---------------- give full expression of Geist.