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This set of Western Aesthetics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Western Aesthetics Set 4

Q1 | According to Aristotle ----------------------- is the goal of art.
Q2 | Aristotle considered -------------is the method while representation is the goal of art.
Q3 | According to Aristotle representation is the unique feature of:
Q4 | Poetry is a representation of ------------------- according to Aristotle.
Q5 | Aristotle argues that poetry narrates not only what has happened but give an inkling of:
Q6 | Aristotle concept of ‘tragedy’ is explained in his work called:
Q7 | According to Aristotle ---------------- is/are an imitation of events which are serious innature.
Q8 | Aristotle explains, the purpose of the ---------------is to bring the inevitability of humandestiny to the fore.
Q9 | Aristotle argues, Art must -------------------- life.
Q10 | Aristotle demanded art should be given a glimpse of:
Q11 | According to Aristotle -------------------- has the highest potentiality to represent themost vital aspects of life.
Q12 | Who introduced the theory of Catharsis?
Q13 | Aristotle describes------------------ as the purging of emotions of pity and fear thatare aroused in the viewer of tragedy.
Q14 | Catharsis means:
Q15 | Aristotle treated ------------ as the capacity of tragedy.
Q16 | Catharsis is related with:
Q17 | Catharsis is associated with the elimination of:
Q18 | Aristotle explains Catharsis is the capacity of:
Q19 | The basis of the Marxist aesthetic theory is the --------------- of founded onMarxist ideology.
Q20 | For Marx artistic activity is nothing but an effort to give objective form to :
Q21 | According to Marx the basic structure of human society is:
Q22 | Marx argues that, the form, content and style of the artistic compositions areembedded in the:
Q23 | According to Marx art is a:
Q24 | Marx argues that, art visualize the:
Q25 | Marx regards the alienation of modern man in his ------------------------- as a phaseof total alienation produced by the capitalist system of production.