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This set of Western Aesthetics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Western Aesthetics Set 1

Q1 | For Kant the ------------------- is no mere criterion for aesthetics but it is a subject ofmetaphysical inquiry.
Q2 | According to Kant ------------------ is the ability to judge anobject.
Q3 | Poetics is written by:
Q4 | The original meaning of the term aesthetics is :
Q5 | Kant’s view of Aesthetic judgment is presented in his:
Q6 | Aesthetics is defined as a philosophy of:
Q7 | Who introduced the term aesthetics?
Q8 | Identify the root term of Aesthetics.
Q9 | Aesthesis means:
Q10 | Baumgarten calls the level of knowledge to the sense perception is:
Q11 | The word ‘aesthetic’ is used by Kant in the Critique of Pure Reason for the level ofknowledge obtained through:
Q12 | Immanuel Kant devoted --------------------- ------------ for the analysis of beauty.
Q13 | Hegel established an / a --------------------------- between beauty and art.
Q14 | 15. according to Hegel beauty id the manifestation of :
Q15 | What is the norm of Aesthetics?
Q16 | Identify the dialogue in which Plato explained about the Absolute Beauty.
Q17 | For Plato beauty exists only at ----------- level.
Q18 | According to Plato beauty seen in nature is only a -------------- of the ideal beauty.
Q19 | Who thinks that art as the stepping stone to philosophy?
Q20 | According to Kant beauty in mankind is always the expression of:
Q21 | Hegel defines aesthetics as the philosophy of:
Q22 | For Hegel beauty whether natural or artistic is the product of:
Q23 | Which one is considered as the first stage of art according to Hegel?
Q24 | ------------------- art found in pre-Hellenic antiquity.
Q25 | Which one is considered as the second developmental stage of art according to Hegel?