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This set of Systems of indian Philosophy Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Systems Of Indian Philosophy Set 17

Q1 | How many padarthas are accepted by vaisesika
Q2 | According to Nyaya, ‘ice looks cold’, is an example of
Q3 | Which of the following system is founded by Gotama
Q4 | Vaisesika divided categories into two class
Q5 | Who accepts non-apprehension as an independent source of knowledge
Q6 | The utterances of human being s are valid, if their authors are
Q7 | Brahman is called as in determinate or
Q8 | Maya or avidya means
Q9 | Madhavacharya is the champion of
Q10 | Sankara believes that ultimate reality, Brahman associated with its mayaappears as
Q11 | According to Sankara, ultimate reality is
Q12 | Who is sat-cit-ananda according to Sankara
Q13 | Ramayana recognizes ---------, souls and God as ultimate and real
Q14 | Ramanuja advocates
Q15 | What is an individual soul according to Ramanuja?
Q16 | Ramanuja attempts a harmonious combination of absolutism withpersonal.
Q17 | Vedanta literally means
Q18 | According to Sankara, Brahman is
Q19 | Madhva advocates the reality of ------------ differences
Q20 | According to Ramanuja prapatti is necessary for liberation Prapatti is
Q21 | In the ‘rope-snake’ illusion according to Advaita Vedanta
Q22 | What is the cause of bondage according to Ramanuja?
Q23 | Vedanta school lays emphasis on
Q24 | Sankaras theory of world is known as
Q25 | Mimamsa sutra is written by