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This set of Systems of indian Philosophy Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Systems Of Indian Philosophy Set 15

Q1 | Saptabhanginaya or Syadvada is a doctrine related to
Q2 | Anekantha Vada means
Q3 | To which Naya the real is momentary
Q4 | Syad-astika-nastica-avaktavyam
Q5 | According to Jainism time is
Q6 | According to Jainsas, the essential character of the soul is
Q7 | The term ‘jina’ means
Q8 | Kevalajnana means
Q9 | According to Jainism matijnana is
Q10 | In Jainism the term Asti-kaya means
Q11 | The term Dharma in Jaina metaphysics signifies
Q12 | According to Jaina’s, the conditions of movement and rest are
Q13 | Anekanthavada is the theory of
Q14 | Jaina metaphysics can be kept under
Q15 | Syadvada is the theory of
Q16 | Liberation according to Jainism is the joint effect of triratnas. Thesetriratnas are
Q17 | Erroneous knowledge ‘Samsaya’ effects
Q18 | There is a path which leads to the cessation of suffering is known as
Q19 | The first noble truth of Buddhism is
Q20 | According to Buddhism the root- cause of suffering is
Q21 | Ksanikavada is the doctrine of
Q22 | The teachings of Buddha is primarily
Q23 | All the teachings of Buddhism centre round
Q24 | Pratitya samupada is related to
Q25 | In Buddhism, the cessation of suffering is known as