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This set of Systems of indian Philosophy Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Systems Of Indian Philosophy Set 13

Q1 | Each veda consists of -------------------- parts
Q2 | RK, Yajur, Sama and Atharva are
Q3 | The ------------------------- are the earliest document of the Aryan mind
Q4 | -------------------- Samhita is regarded as the oldest and also the mostimportant
Q5 | The Upanisads are also known as
Q6 | The mantra portion has been called religion of Nature
Q7 | The mantras inculcate a form of
Q8 | Henotheism means
Q9 | Belief in many gods is known as
Q10 | The whole of existence is reduced to one fundamental reality is called
Q11 | Sama Means a
Q12 | Some times the Vedas are referred to only as
Q13 | The essence of the vedic hymns is the philosophy of
Q14 | A transitional stage from polytheism to monotheism is
Q15 | ------------------ is the guardian of the moral law
Q16 | The god who vanguishes evil
Q17 | Natural occurrences are attribute to supernatural causes in
Q18 | According to Macdonnel henotheism is
Q19 | The highest spiritual truth is expressed in ---------- form in vedic hymns
Q20 | The highest spiritual truth expressed in Vedic hymns are
Q21 | The Brahmanas are the work of the
Q22 | The hymns are the creation of the
Q23 | The Upanisads are the meditation of the
Q24 | The mantras in its present form dates from
Q25 | Brahmanas form the ------------------ part of the Vedas