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This set of Symbolic Logic Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Symbolic Logic Set 2

Q1 | ’Shut the door’ is an example of ------ --- function of language
Q2 | By using ________, the validity of an argument can be determined moreaccurately.
Q3 | The new proposition derived from premises in an Inference is called
Q4 | A compound proposition in which simple propositions are combined using‘and’ is called
Q5 | ‘p q’ is a ________ proposition. ѵ
Q6 | ‘The Mathematical Analysis of Logic’ is the work of -----
Q7 | ‘An Investigation of the Laws of Thought’ is the work of -----
Q8 | In collaboration with A.N. Whitehead, ----- published PrincipiaMathematica
Q9 | _________ is a truth-functional connective.
Q10 | The symbol for conjunction is --------
Q11 | The ‘If’ part in a Hypothetical proposition is called
Q12 | The ‘Then’ part in a Hypothetical proposition is called
Q13 | ---------- symbol stands for ‘either - or ’ relationship.
Q14 | ‘≡’ is the symbol for ________.
Q15 | ‘If a and b, then c’ is symbolized as _________.
Q16 | ‘You will pass the exam only if you work hard’ is symbolized as _________.
Q17 | ---------- symbol stands for ‘if and only if’ relationship.
Q18 | p . q is the symbolic expression of ------
Q19 | The horseshoe symbol indicates ------ function
Q20 | ‘Ram and Dinesh will not both be elected’ is symbolized as
Q21 | ‘Either Alice or Betty will be elected’ is symbolized as
Q22 | ‘Ram is not honest’ is symbolized as ----
Q23 | ‘Anu is short and Balu is tall’ is symbolized as ----
Q24 | ‘~ ~’ is the symbol for ________.
Q25 | ‘Anu is not short and Balu is not tall’ is symbolized as ----