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This set of Symbolic Logic Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Symbolic Logic Set 16

Q1 | Name the rule of inference( p . q ) ≡ ( q . p )
Q2 | If (∃x ) ~ Mx is true , then (x) Mx is _____________
Q3 | If (x) ( H x Ͻ Mx ) is true, then (∃x ) ( H x . ~Mx ) is ___________
Q4 | Bi-conditional statement is also called _____________
Q5 | The negation of p v q is symbolised as
Q6 | Raju and Manu will both not win is symbolised as
Q7 | By using symbols, we can ___________the validity of an argument quickly andaccurately
Q8 | A statement can be replaced only by a statement logically __________to it .
Q9 | By _______________, the left-hand conjunct can be switched over to the right-hand
Q10 | The negation of the conjunction of two statements is logically equivalent to __________ of their negation.
Q11 | Name the rule of replacement (P ≡ q)≡ [(p.q) v (~p.~q)]
Q12 | If (∃x ) Mx is true, then (∃x ) ~Mx is ____________
Q13 | Conjunction, Disjunction,Implication and biconditional are called Truth ________ connectives
Q14 | A general proposition is formed from a propositional function by placing either a universal or an existential __________before it.