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This set of Symbolic Logic Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Symbolic Logic Set 15

Q1 | Proposition is particular if the subject refers to only _______of the class
Q2 | A proposition ___________term, if it refers to all members of the class designated bythe term
Q3 | An ________ proposition is said to distribute both subject and predicate terms
Q4 | A universal or particular affirmative proposition, do not distribute their_________term.
Q5 | A valid standard form categorical syllogism must contain exactly __________terms, each of which is used in the same sense throughout the argument.
Q6 | The___________ of the class of all chairs is the class of all things that are not chairs.
Q7 | Which of the following is the obverse of the proposition of the A proposition’ All S is P ‘
Q8 | A statement form that has only false substitution instance is said to be
Q9 | The statement form ~(p.q) is logically equivalent to
Q10 | The statement form p ↄ q is logically equivalent to
Q11 | [(p . q) ↄ r] is logically equivalent to which of the following
Q12 | The compound proposition in which the word ‘and’ is used to connect simple statements
Q13 | In the conditional , the component statement that follows ‘then’ is called
Q14 | The weak implication symbolized by Ɔ is called a
Q15 | Universal quantifier is symbolized as
Q16 | There is atleast one x such that x is mortal can be symbolized as
Q17 | _____________ is the process of obtaining a proposition from a propositional function by substituting a constant for the variable.
Q18 | An error in reasoning is called _________
Q19 | Obversion is a valid __________inference, when applied to any standard form categorical proposition.
Q20 | The premise of the immediate inference by obversion is referred to as
Q21 | A deductive argument in which conclusion is inferred from two premises is called
Q22 | The term that occurs as the predicate of the conclusion is
Q23 | The form of a syllogism may be completely described by stating its mood and________
Q24 | The term that occurs as the subject of the conclusion is called
Q25 | In Symbolic logic parentheses, braces , brackets are used as __________ marks