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This set of Symbolic Logic Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Symbolic Logic Set 14

Q1 | If (∃ x ) x . Mx ) is false , then (x) ( H x Ͻ Mx ) is ………………..
Q2 | The ____________of an argument is that proposition which is affirmed on the basis ofother propositions of the argument.
Q3 | Every argument has a _________, in the analysis of which the terms ‘Premise’ and ‘conclusion’ are usually employed.
Q4 | Deductive argument involve the claim that its premises provide __________ grounds for the truth of their conclusion
Q5 | Inductive arguments involve the claim only that their premises provide __________ grounds for their conclusions.
Q6 | Arguments, however are not properly characterized as being either true or false but valid and _________.
Q7 | Conjunctions are truth functionally ____________ statements.
Q8 | The truth value of _______ statement is true.
Q9 | The truth value of the ____________ of two statements is completely determined by the truth value of its conjuncts.
Q10 | The statement Roses are red and leafs are green is a _________________a) Conjunction b) Negation c) Disjunction d) Conditional
Q11 | When two statements are combined disjunctively by inserting the word ‘or’ between
Q12 | Any conditional with a true antecedent and a false consequent must ____________
Q13 | An invalid argument form is one that has at least one substitution_________ with true premises and a false conclusion
Q14 | Raju is either sick or lazy is an example for
Q15 | A ____________proposition do not contain any other proposition as its constituent
Q16 | A _______________proposition is one which contains other proposition as it’s Component
Q17 | The symbolization for disjunction is __________
Q18 | Validity of a deductive argument depends upon the ________ of the argument.
Q19 | An argument is sound when it is factually correct and is __________
Q20 | In a conditional, the component statement that follows “ then ” is called ……………
Q21 | Terms are constituents of logical ____________
Q22 | The symbol used for weak disjunction is
Q23 | The symbol used for Biconditional is
Q24 | The symbolization for “it is not the case that the antecedent is true and the consequent is false” is _________________
Q25 | The statement form ~( p . ~q ) is equivalent to which of the following