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This set of Symbolic Logic Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Symbolic Logic Set 1

Q1 | Logic is a-------- science
Q2 | Logic is the Science of --------
Q3 | In Symbolic logic, ________ do not change their value.
Q4 | In _______ proposition, two simple propositions are combined by ‘either -- or’.
Q5 | ‘Socrates is a Philosopher’ is a -------- proposition
Q6 | ‘If it is raining then the ground will be wet’ is an example of ________.
Q7 | A curl is also called ________.
Q8 | ‘If p, then q and r’ is symbolized as _________.
Q9 | ’ Ram is tall and Das is short’ is an example of --------- proposition
Q10 | Symbolic expression of ‘p implies q’ is
Q11 | ----------- changes its value from argument to argument.
Q12 | Wedge symbol denotes ________ function.
Q13 | ---------- symbol stands for ‘if -- then’ relationship.
Q14 | In the compound statement ‘p ⊃ q’, ‘p’ and ‘q’ are _________.
Q15 | ‘Raju is not honest’ is an example of a _________ proposition.
Q16 | The known propositions in an Inference is called
Q17 | ‘~’ is _________ symbol
Q18 | In conjunctive propositions, two simple propositions are joined by the word_________.
Q19 | The language used with the purpose of giving information is called ---function of language
Q20 | ‘Logic is the study of correct reasoning’ is an example for ---- function oflanguage
Q21 | By using ________, the logical form of an argument becomes explicit.
Q22 | The constant symbol ‘ ’ stands for ________. ѵ
Q23 | The use of language for expressing one’s feelings and emotions and thoughtsare called ----
Q24 | ‘That is really great’ is an example of ------ use of language
Q25 | The use of language that seeks for guide or to command is --- function oflanguage