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This set of Socio Political Thought Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Socio Political Thought Set 9

Q1 | According to Aquinas, which one of the following is the reflection ofthe Divine Law in the world?
Q2 | According to Aquinas, the revelation of God through Saints is called
Q3 | According to Aquinas, which one of the following laws is published?
Q4 | The Theory of Universal Monarchy was proposed by
Q5 | The famous work by Dante Alighieri
Q6 | According to Dante Alighieri, which is the best form of government?
Q7 | According to Dante Alighieri, the power of the Monarch came from
Q8 | According to Dante Alighieri, the following is the characteristics of theUniversal Monarch?
Q9 | According to Dante Alighieri, who is “ Law throned, crowned andinvested with majesty and honour”?
Q10 | Niccolo di Bernardo dei Machiavelli was a
Q11 | Which Political Philosopher is known as the “Child of Renaissance”?
Q12 | Renaissance is characterized by
Q13 | The following is the product of Renaissance
Q14 | Which of the following is the method of Machiavelli?
Q15 | Machiavelli approached politics from the stand point of
Q16 | Machiavelli’s opinion about Human nature was as follows
Q17 | Which one of the following words best explain Machiavelli’s Prince
Q18 | According to Machiavelli,
Q19 | According to Machiavelli,
Q20 | Political Thought originated in ancient Europe in
Q21 | Who among the following is not a Greek Political thinker?
Q22 | Greece is situated in the …………. of Europe
Q23 | Basically, the people of Greece lived in
Q24 | A City-State was
Q25 | Athens was