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This set of Socio Political Thought Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Socio Political Thought Set 7

Q1 | Who wrote politics is ‘who gets, what, when and how’?
Q2 | Who among the following was the chief exponent of the legal theory of sovereignty?
Q3 | Which among the following is not a feature of sovereignty?
Q4 | One of the following is not the feature of sovereignty
Q5 | Austin was an English
Q6 | Who wrote the work ‘anarchy, state and utopia’?
Q7 | Rousseau is the advocate of
Q8 | who observed state is known by the rights it maintains?
Q9 | Who among the following is associated with the Rule of law?
Q10 | Who described the ‘rule of law’ as nonsense stilts?
Q11 | Secret ballot is also known as
Q12 | An essential pre-requisite for constitutionalism?
Q13 | The theory of separation of powers was initiated by
Q14 | According to Aristotle, the perverted form of government with regard to polity was
Q15 | The first systematic classification of government was given by
Q16 | Zero hour begins
Q17 | The term ‘sovereignty’ is derived from the word ‘superanus’ of which language
Q18 | Who is called the keystone of the cabinet arch in a parliamentary system?
Q19 | All the ministers sail and sink together. This is true of the following form of government
Q20 | The Romans spread which one of the following idea/ideas in Europe?
Q21 | In ancient Rome, the Law applicable to both the Citizens andforeigners is called
Q22 | Which one of the following statements is true about Roman Law?
Q23 | Which one of the following is a characteristic of Roman law?
Q24 | Which one of the following is the author of “Histories” whichexplained Roman success?
Q25 | The Consuls of the Roman society represented the elements of