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This set of Socio Political Thought Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Socio Political Thought Set 6

Q1 | The ancient Greeks used the following word for the term ‘state’
Q2 | Who described politics as “acting in concert”?
Q3 | Who wrote the work ‘The Great Issues Politics’?
Q4 | Who wrote the work “The Web of Government”?
Q5 | Whose work is “Marxism and Politics”?
Q6 | One of the following is an advocate of historical approach
Q7 | Who among the following was an advocate of behaviouralism and post behaviouralism?
Q8 | ‘It is better to be vague than irrelevant’ This statement explains the following
Q9 | Who used to say “I am the state”
Q10 | Who described man in the state of nature as a ‘noble savage’?
Q11 | Whose work is “the Process of Government”?
Q12 | Which view is observed ‘the state is a necessary evil’
Q13 | Who observed ‘the state is the march of God on Earth’
Q14 | Who wrote the work “The Prince”?
Q15 | Theorists who believe that “state is an association of associations” are best described as
Q16 | Who observed “the state should promote greatest good of the greatest number”?
Q17 | The chief advocate of the Patriarchal theory of the Origin of the state is
Q18 | Locke has used the social contract theory to justify
Q19 | Who contributed “Leviathan”?
Q20 | The pluralist theory views power as
Q21 | The theory of sovereignty is historically associated with the rise of
Q22 | Which one of the following is an apt description of Bodin’s theory of sovereignty?
Q23 | Who believed that irrespective of the forms of government, authority tends to be oligarchic ?
Q24 | Who said “knowledge is Power”
Q25 | Who said ‘power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely’?