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This set of Socio Political Thought Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Socio Political Thought Set 5

Q1 | Behavioural approach in Politics Science is an attempt to make the empirical content of Political Science more scientific who said this?
Q2 | Eighth principles of the behavioural approach of political science generally known as
Q3 | Politics is “the study of shaping and sharing of power”
Q4 | Politics became “narrow focus, the trivial detail and abstract fact”
Q5 | Who was the most ardent advocate of Post Bahaviouralism?
Q6 | The strong demands of Post behaviouralists are
Q7 | Historical materialism is one of the tools in
Q8 | Who defines state as “people organised for law within a definite territory?
Q9 | “Territorial society divided into government and subjects who relationships are determined by the exercise of this supreme coercive power” who said this?
Q10 | Who emphasised the importance of the ‘subjective desire of the people’ for organisation and maintenance of the stae?
Q11 | Who said, an association as “a group organised for the pursuit of an interest or a group of interests in common”?
Q12 | Who defined sovereignty as the ‘absolute and perpetual power of commanding in a state?
Q13 | Who is regarded as the greatest exponent of the Monistic theory of sovereignty?
Q14 | Who propounded sovereignty in his famous concept of the ‘general will’
Q15 | Who defined sovereignty as “the supreme power of the state over citizens and subjects unrestrained by law”?
Q16 | Whose work is “the Law of War and Peace”
Q17 | Whose work is ?Lecturers on Jurisprudence”?
Q18 | Who is the main proponent of the pluralist concept of sovereignty?
Q19 | Whose work is “Grammar of Politics”?
Q20 | Whose work is “The Spirit of Laws”?
Q21 | Who wrote the work ‘Modern State’?
Q22 | Whose work is “Introduction to the Study of Law of the Constitution”?
Q23 | Who wrote the work “Representative Government”?
Q24 | Which of the following is not a traditional approach to the study of Political Science?
Q25 | Whose work is “the Nerves of Government”