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This set of Socio Political Thought Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Socio Political Thought Set 1

Q1 | Who is the author of the book The Republic—
Q2 | The idea of Philosopher King introduced by –
Q3 | Platos ideal state is known as –
Q4 | To Aristotle the best form of government is-
Q5 | “General will” is the concept of –
Q6 | “General will” is equal to ,
Q7 | “The web of relations” is a definition of –
Q8 | Who wrote the book “Justice as Fairness”-
Q9 | Which is the largest democratic country in the world-
Q10 | When did the United Nations Organisation establish-
Q11 | The largest written constitution belongs to-
Q12 | The federal system of India adopted from-
Q13 | Arthasastra is a book of –
Q14 | What do you mean by “A state does not have its own religion”-
Q15 | How many fundamental rights are there in India-
Q16 | Howmany Lokha sabha seats are there in Kerala-
Q17 | Ramarajya is a concept of –
Q18 | The ideal state of Gandiji is known as-
Q19 | The concept of trusteeship is introduced by-
Q20 | Who was the first law minister of India-
Q21 | Indian constitution is a -
Q22 | The highest court of India is-
Q23 | In ancient Greek, Athens was famous for-
Q24 | Which articles of Indian constitution prohibits racial discrimination-
Q25 | Who among the following is a contratualist